Rotating Marla Aaron products
Rotating Marla Aaron products

The Locks

The locks were the original concept for the entire collection. Once I realized that I could morph the shape of a hardware store carabiner in a myriad of ways, the collection became a reality. People often ask me which one is THE one to own and I honestly can't say. I am partial to every single one of them.  They are all solid and strong and crafted by hand and can be worn in infinite ways.  Here you will see lots of versions of the locks  but you may have something else in mind and we love that too.

If you are interested in a customized lock with different options, please contact us. But the ones you will see here are worth their weight (or more) in any metal you choose.

How big are your locks?


It's hard to visualize. Hopefully this little chart can help: 

1.5cm x 9mm
Chubby Baby
1.9cm x 9.5mm
Medium lock
2.5cm x 1cm
Chubby Medium lock
2.5cm x 1.3cm
Regular lock
3cm x 1.5cm
Large lock
5cm x 2cm
Baby Heartlock
1.7cm x 1.7cm
2cm x 2cm
Twisted lock
2.5cm x 1cm
Twisted heartlock
2cm x 1.75cm
Baby Droplock
1.8cm x 1.5cm
2.5cm x 2cm
Baby Meander
1.7cm x 1.7cm
2cm x 2cm
Inlay Free Form
2.4cm x 1.7cm
3cm x 1cm
3cm x 1.4cm
3.5cm x 2.5cm
Boomerang lock
2.6cm x 8.4mm


Pushmipullyu Lock

1.25in x .5in


Letter Lock - Large

3.4cm x 4.3cm


Letter Lock - Small

2cm x 2.5cm


Numbers Locks

1.8cm x 2.6cm


The Myriad Lock

3.5cm x 1.6cm

Why Not?

Babylock$ 110
Stoned Babylock with Blue Sapphire
Stoned Babylock with Blue Sapphire$ 1,360
Stoned Babylock with Harlequin Stones
Stoned Babylock with Harlequin Stones$ 1,200
Stoned Babylock with Ruby
Stoned Babylock with Ruby$ 1,360
Stoned Babylock with Diamonds
Stoned Babylock with Diamonds$ 1,830

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