Rotating Marla Aaron products
Rotating Marla Aaron products

The Fiddling Series

The Fiddling Series celebrates movement—specifically the way jewelry is played with or “fiddled with”. These objects are meant to be played with and moved around with your hands. Go ahead…fiddle….
The Pulley
The Pulley$ 3,800
The Trundle Lock Ring
The Trundle Lock Ring$ 2,900
The Stoned Pulley
The Stoned Pulley$ 6,100
Myriad Lock
Myriad Lock$ 9,000
The Allstone Trundle Lock Ring
The Allstone Trundle Lock Ring$ 7,000
The Words Trundle Ring
The Words Trundle Ring$ 2,500
The Stoned Trundle Ring
The Stoned Trundle Ring$ 4,000
The Trundle Ring
The Trundle Ring$ 2,500
The Stoned Trundle Lock Ring
The Stoned Trundle Lock Ring$ 4,600
The Words Trundle Lock Ring
The Words Trundle Lock Ring$ 2,900
The Allstone Trundle Ring
The Allstone Trundle Ring$ 6,800
The Words Pulley
The Words Pulley$ 3,800
The Pins Charm
The Pins Charm$ 14,800
Myriad Chain
Myriad Chain$ 3,885

Why Not?

Babylock$ 110
Medium Lock
Medium Lock$ 1,150
Regular Lock
Regular Lock$ 300
Chubby Babylock in Gold
Chubby Babylock in Gold$ 1,250
Starlock$ 1,000

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