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We created the Boltlock and released it at the Brooklyn Museum to celebrate their David Bowie exhibit. It wasn't a coincidence.
Sizewise the lock is in between a Babylock and a Medium Lock, measuring
 3cm x 10mm. Available in 14k gold, sterling silver, and platinum.
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Boomerang Locks
Boomerang Locks


A boomerang is traditionally a long wooden device that is thrown.  When you throw it, it returns to you.   They are the earliest heavier-than-air man-made flight objects, having been used for thousands of years.  Interestingly they are associated with the Aborigines of Australia but there are versions found around the world. 

When you throw it, it returns to you.  

When you throw it, it returns to you.  

There is something deeply emotional about this.  It is a love that will always come back.  It is not ephemeral. 

I made a Boomerang Lock because it felt very sentimental – this idea of a love always returning. 

The Boomerang Lock is available only in gold and platinum and can be worn alone or in combination with other locks—especially beautiful with a Baby Heartlock.  #lockiton with a Boomerang Lock.

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Letter Locks

A note from Marla about the Letter Locks: "Our locks always combine design and utility because they are meant to be used as "tools". The Letter Locks pay homage to the Bauhaus and the androgeny of that era -- a time where there was a desire for beauty in practicality and women quite literally dressed for it with men's suits becoming all the rage--think of the glorious images of Marlene Dietrich from that time. We didn't quite accept a Bauhaus typeface for our Letter Locks, opting instead to make our own with form following function as we moved through each letter and size. Every letter had to be thought through to retain its usefulness--which is something I obsess about--how you will use them. We made them in two sizes. What will you do with them?"

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