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Our Charmed Box

 I love boxes.

In the 1930s, 40s, and 50s American charms were HOT and had lots of moving parts. They were a big part of the jewelry produced here.  You may be lucky enough to have inherited a charm bracelet that includes some fine examples of these.

But also because I wanted to make a sturdy gold box, the dimensions of a sugar cube, to keep whatever you'd like in it.  To engrave on it. You will see that some of them have a stone piercing the top with the inside laid bare within the box--as a hidden secret. A way to capture and keep beauty a box. Or whatever you'd like.....

And they look amazing with our locks. Stay tuned for a barrage of those too.

One more thing: No, the sugar cube doesn't fit inside the box because it is the same size as the box. If you were wondering....

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