Rotating Marla Aaron products
Rotating Marla Aaron products


Here you will find a selection of chains at varying weights and lengths to customize your lock however you wish. When you choose your chain try and think about the different possible ways you may want to wear it. For example a 36” chain can double and in some cases triple around the neck and can even be worn as a bracelet. All locks can fit on all the chains but if you are purchasing a larger lock then you want to make certain that your chain choice is heavy enough to carry that lock. All the chain choices will include images of ways it is worn but we are always surprised by the way you #makeityourown. If you don’t see a chain or there is a special length you require, email us at We are happy to make custom lengths but they are final sale!
Fine Square Link Chain in Silver
Fine Square Link Chain in Silver$ 60
Heavy Curb Chain in Silver
Heavy Curb Chain in Silver$ 163
Biker Chain
Biker Chain$ 159
Medium Curb Chain in Silver
Medium Curb Chain in Silver$ 175
Square Link Chain in Gold
Square Link Chain in Gold$ 389
Rolo Chain in Silver
Rolo Chain in Silver$ 120
Fine Square Link Chain in Gold
Fine Square Link Chain in Gold$ 310
Pulley Chain
Pulley Chain$ 465
Gold Rolo Chain
Gold Rolo Chain$ 628
Medium Curb Chain in Gold
Medium Curb Chain in Gold$ 880
Mega Curb Chain in Silver
Mega Curb Chain in Silver$ 630
Handmade Biker Chain in Yellow Gold
Handmade Biker Chain in Yellow Gold$ 1,945
Meander Chain
Meander Chain$ 1,553
Platinum Chain
Platinum Chain$ 1,035
Handmade Gold Bikerchain
Handmade Gold Bikerchain$ 2,054
Greek Key Bracelet
Greek Key Bracelet$ 850

Why Not?

Babylock$ 110
Stoned Babylock with Blue Sapphire
Stoned Babylock with Blue Sapphire$ 1,360
Stoned Babylock with Harlequin Stones
Stoned Babylock with Harlequin Stones$ 1,200
Stoned Babylock with Ruby
Stoned Babylock with Ruby$ 1,360
Stoned Babylock with Diamonds
Stoned Babylock with Diamonds$ 1,830

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