How to Put on an Ear Cuffling®

You start at the top of the ear and gently slide the ear cuff down your ear until it hits the right spot. it should literally "cup your ear" and it should feel comfortable. It may need to be opened slightly. If (and only IF) you have an all gold or silver with no stones or enamel you can accomplish this by using a tweezer. Please do not try to open them if they have stones or enamel. Generally they fit most ears comfortably. A comfortable stack is 3, though there are those that wear 4 or even 5. There are a few cases of people whose ears are very flat and close to their head and for those folks it's a bittersweet situation; on the one hand they have good-looking ears but on the other hand, they really can't accommodate one of our ear cuffs. You probably know who you are... we are both sorry and happy for you. With regard to our Enamel Cuffling® for the ear, unfortunately these can not be readily adjusted. 

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