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Faceted Amethyst Strand

This faceted Amethyst Strand is one of our most popular. The amethysts are a deep purple. Interesting and silly fact: The name comes from the ancient Greek phrase meaning "not intoxicated" so is thought to protect its wearer from drunkeness. We just think its a bold beautiful modern way to wear these stunning stones.

All the strands are between 48-55″ and are wearable as bracelets or as necklaces at various lengths by doubling and tripling. They are designed to be worn with Marla Aaron Locks. They can be worn in multiples or with our chains or simply on their own. Please reach out if there is a stone that you love that you don’t see here. We love custom orders of unusual stones so if you’re dreaming about it, we can probably source it and make it for you.

14k Gold Loops

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$ 930.00

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