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Rotating Marla Aaron products


So many kinds of ways.
DiMe Rings
I wanted to bring back a simple and wearable version of the Gimmel ring. The Gimmel ring is a design that has been around since the 14th century. They were often used for wedding rings and contained a special message. It makes a truly excellent wedding ring but it's also so much more. I decided to call my version the Di Me Ring. In Spanish to say “Di me” is to say “Tell me” but in the most intimate way. This ring will allow you to tell someone (or yourself) something special. The ring c...
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DiMe Ring
DiMe Ring$ 1,500
DiMe Ring Rose Gold and Green Gold with Diamonds
DiMe Ring Rose Gold and Green Gold with Diamonds$ 2,300
Platinum DiMe Ring with Diamonds
Platinum DiMe Ring with Diamonds$ 2,930
DiMe Ring Rose Gold and Green Gold with Mixed Sapphires
DiMe Ring Rose Gold and Green Gold with Mixed Sapphires$ 2,300
Medium DiMe Ring
Medium DiMe Ring$ 3,400
Chubby DiMe Ring
Chubby DiMe Ring$ 5,860
Chubby DiMe Ring with Diamonds
Chubby DiMe Ring with Diamonds$ 15,200
White Gold Chubby DiMe Ring with Baguette Rubies
White Gold Chubby DiMe Ring with Baguette Rubies$ 15,200
Chubby DiMe Ring with Harlequin Stones
Chubby DiMe Ring with Harlequin Stones$ 6,500
Hand Engraved Chubby DiMe Ring
Hand Engraved Chubby DiMe Ring$ 7,500
Inlay Rings
Stones and gold combine in unexpected ways.
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All Inlay Ring
All Inlay Ring$ 6,500
All Inlay Ring with Cachalong
All Inlay Ring with Cachalong$ 6,500
Polkadot Inlay Ring
Polkadot Inlay Ring$ 5,800
Garden Inlay Ring
Garden Inlay Ring$ 6,200
Trundle Rings
Trundle is a 16th century word that means a small wheel or roller. We wanted to make a ring that had movement. That begged to be played with by the wearer. The Trundle ring comes in many many variations and two distinct ways—a wheel that only rolls and a version that opens so that it can be worn as a lock.
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The Trundle Lock Ring
The Trundle Lock Ring$ 2,900
The Words Trundle Lock Ring
The Words Trundle Lock Ring$ 2,900
The Stoned Trundle Lock Ring
The Stoned Trundle Lock Ring$ 4,600
The Allstone Trundle Lock Ring
The Allstone Trundle Lock Ring$ 7,000
The Trundle Ring
The Trundle Ring$ 2,500
The Words Trundle Ring
The Words Trundle Ring$ 2,500
The Stoned Trundle Ring
The Stoned Trundle Ring$ 4,000
The Allstone Trundle Ring
The Allstone Trundle Ring$ 6,800

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Babylock$ 110
Stoned Babylock with Blue Sapphire
Stoned Babylock with Blue Sapphire$ 1,360
Stoned Babylock with Harlequin Stones
Stoned Babylock with Harlequin Stones$ 1,200
Stoned Babylock with Ruby
Stoned Babylock with Ruby$ 1,360
Stoned Babylock with Diamonds
Stoned Babylock with Diamonds$ 1,830

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