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The Fiddling Series

Myriad Lock

The Myriad Lock is the culmination of almost 3 years work and countless prototypes to achieve the fluid unusual movement we were seeking for our newest Lock shape. It’s predecessor is the Pushmipullyu Lock which we released last year when we felt the Myriad Lock and its dreamy function was just that--a dream. But persistence…..This lock is incredibly functional but also “fiddle worthy”. The body conceals a unique mechanism that allows each side to open when pushed gently with a degree of fluidity that surprises. We think you will find myriad uses for it. Can be worn with most any of our chains but especially beautiful on the Myriad Chain.

In 18K yellow, brown or rose gold and 19K white gold.

Lock is 3.5cm x 1.6cm, 6mm thick.

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$ 9,000.00

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