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The Fiddling Series

The Pins Charm

This is our very first object--and you’ve definitely played with one before. But not like this. The idea was to make a precious version of this toy that could be worn but just as easily exist as an object on its own. 

A sapphire crystal “window” conceals 112 hand wrought gold pins set with 66 cabochon turquoise and 2.2 Carats of faceted rubies. 

The piece is assembled from handmade gold screws and nuts that sandwich gold and silver plates that allow the pins to move freely and gently back and forth. You will not be able to put it down. 

To wear it is to wear it either very long 36” chain or very short like a choker. 

The charm is 38cm x 38cm, 2cm thick and the pins are each 2mm. 

While this is the first version we will be releasing others and happy to entertain custom requests. Please email us here should you wish to explore a custom version.  

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$ 14,800.00

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