Rotating Marla Aaron products
Rotating Marla Aaron products

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December 08, 2016

December 8, 2016
New York, NY

Greetings from Email Marketing Land! 

I am doing this with a great deal of trepidation. I hate email marketing. If you hate it too I want to know.   

But before you do that, let me first share some news with you:

Our Charmed Boxes are based on 1950's American box charms—ours are the size of a sugar cube—but heavier. We make them in different colors of gold and some even with stones. We have had some serious fun making custom versions so if you have something in mind call us.

No Brainer Gifts—we have some. Take a look.

And because it's the season I wanted to include a special gift that is good for anyone on your list—not just for children. The book "One Grain of Rice" tells a beautiful tale of what can happen with a little ingenuity. I keep a copy in my office. We are linking to the wonderful Oregon-based Powell's Books to purchase because they are a beautiful example of an independent bookstore that has shared their quirky special way of doing business with the world.

Most importantly if you don't like receiving this, please unsubscribe. Let us know if you have any questions. Happy Holidays to you and your families.

Warmest wishes,
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