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Polkadot Lock

This lock began as a dream in the mind of one of our beloved customers. Could she have a lock that was polka dot? We said, "give us a sec to figure it out." And we did. This is a Chubby Medium Lock with an explosion of colored enamel on the closure. As is the case with all of our improvised color pieces, no two are exactly alike. The Polkadot Lock is 2.5cm long and 1.3cm wide and the lock itself has a circumference of 3.5mm with the closure at 9mm. It is smaller than a Regular Lock, larger than a Babylock, and larger than our Heartlock. It is about the same height as a medium lock, and definitely thicker. Other than our Large Lock, it is our heaviest lock.

Can be hand or machine engraved. Hand engraving is priced on a case by case basis.

14k Gold

18k Gold and Platinum are available by request. Please email with inquiries.

How We Engrave

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$ 2,400.00

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