Rotating Marla Aaron products
Rotating Marla Aaron products
O Lock O Lock O Lock O Lock

O Lock

$ 1,850

The Small Letter Locks measure about 2cm x 2.5cm with a thickness of about 3mm, closure is 5mm. This will vary slightly depending on the letter.

The Small Letter Locks are 14k Gold.

The Large Letter Locks measure about 3.4cm x 4.3cm with a thickness of about 4mm, closure is 8mm. This will vary slightly depending on the letter.

The Large Letter Locks are Sterling Silver with 14k Gold Closure.

The Diamond Dipped Letter Locks look as if they fell in a pile of diamonds. Each letter has a different stoned edge. Please look to our chart for reference. 

The Diamond Dipped Letter Locks are 14k Gold and in the Small Letter Lock size, with .39-.5 carat diamonds.

18k Gold and Platinum are available by request in both sizesPlease email with inquiries.

How We Engrave

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example of lock

Finish it off.

What began with one lock is now an entire collection of thousands of possibiliites meant to be worn in infinite ways.

With Chains

When you choose your chain try to think about the different ways you want to wear it.

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With Strands

The strands can be worn in multiples or with our chains or simply on their own.

View Strands

With Inlay Charms

Our charms can be added onto anything, and they swivel!

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$ 1,850

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