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Large Fordite Discs

If you follow us on Instagram you know that we had the distinct pleasure of creating all the jewelry designs for fashion designer Roland Mouret for his Spring Summer 2020 collection this past September. He slid into my DMs and it was one of the most wonderful experiences for me personally and our team. The show was held in a beautiful hidden garden at the Royal Academy in London. The experience stretched us and allowed us to try a few new things that worked on the runway and may even work “in real life”.

For the show, we took our work with Fordite and we blew it up into gargantuan discs that could be worn as earrings. If you own our earrings then you know how light and versatile they are. All Fordite pieces are sold in limited quantities as the material of this quality and age is extremely limited.

These Discs measure 11cm x 7cm

Sold individually.
18k Gold
$ 1,000.00

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