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Fordite Disc Pair

Fordite Disc Pair

In the automotive factories, on the floors where they paint the cars, the paint layers and forms a hard surface—like a stone. Some enterprising person realized that chiseling it off allowed for it to be formed into jewelry, pens, the occasional handle to a knife and many things actually. The Fordite we use is from the Ford Motor Company between the years of 1960 and 1990. We also have some Corvette paint as those cars were painted in a different room and have different colors. I think our customers’ response to our Fordite pieces is easily explained by the somewhat mythical quality of Detroit itself—the boom and the bust of it and now its resurrection…a very American story. 
All Fordite pieces are sold in limited quantities as the material of this quality and age is extremely limited. 
Measures 1.8" X 1.8" Across.
Sold as a pair
18k Gold 
$ 1,600.00

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