Rotating Marla Aaron products
Rotating Marla Aaron products


The Fiddling Series
The Fiddling Series celebrates movement—specifically the way jewelry is played with or “fiddled with”. These objects are meant to be played with and moved around with your hands. Go ahead…fiddle….
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The Pulley
The Pulley$3,800
The Trundle Lock Ring
The Trundle Lock Ring$2,900
The Stoned Pulley
The Stoned PulleyFrom  $6,100
Myriad Lock
Myriad Lock$9,000
The Allstone Trundle Lock Ring
The Allstone Trundle Lock RingFrom  $7,000
The Words Trundle Ring
The Words Trundle Ring$2,500
The Stoned Trundle Ring
The Stoned Trundle RingFrom  $4,000
The Trundle Ring
The Trundle Ring$2,500
The DiMe Series
Initially I was inspired by the Gimmel Ring, a type of ring that opens and has been around at least since the 14th century. They were often used for wedding rings and contained a special message. While it makes a truly excellent wedding ring it's also so much more and I knew we could do so much more with it. The DiMe ring comes in 3 sizes, Original, Medium and Chubby, and "stoned" in several ways.  Sometimes there is more to say so we turned it into a bangle style bracelet--we've engraved en...
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DiMe Ring
DiMe Ring$1,500
Medium DiMe Ring
Medium DiMe Ring$3,400
DiMe Bracelet
DiMe BraceletFrom  $11,000
Chubby DiMe Ring
Chubby DiMe Ring$5,860
DiMe Ring Rose Gold and Green Gold with Diamonds
DiMe Ring Rose Gold and Green Gold with Diamonds$2,300
Platinum DiMe Ring with Diamonds
Platinum DiMe Ring with Diamonds$2,930
DiMe Ring Rose Gold and Green Gold with Mixed Sapphires
DiMe Ring Rose Gold and Green Gold with Mixed Sapphires$2,300
Hand Engraved Chubby DiMe Ring
Hand Engraved Chubby DiMe Ring$7,500
The Inlay Series
We took it to an extreme, come see what we mean.
Shop The Inlay Series
"Linda" Lock$10,000
All Inlay Ring
All Inlay Ring$6,500
Polkadot Inlay Ring
Polkadot Inlay Ring$5,800
Inlay Heartlock
Inlay Heartlock$7,200
All Inlay Cuffling with Turquoise
All Inlay Cuffling with TurquoiseFrom  $15,000
All Inlay Heartlock
All Inlay Heartlock$10,000
All Inlay Chain
All Inlay ChainFrom  $6,017
Garden Inlay Charmed Box
Garden Inlay Charmed Box$10,200
"Baby" Series
Honey we shrunk the locks.....really.
Shop "Baby" Series
BabylockFrom  $110
Baby Meander Lock
Baby Meander Lock$650
Baby Heartlock
Baby Heartlock$616
Baby Droplock
Baby Droplock$650
Stoned Babylock with Diamonds
Stoned Babylock with DiamondsFrom  $1,830
Stoned Babylock with Blue Sapphire
Stoned Babylock with Blue Sapphire$1,360
Stoned Babylock with Harlequin Stones
Stoned Babylock with Harlequin Stones$1,200
Stoned Babylock with Green Tourmaline
Stoned Babylock with Green Tourmaline$1,200
Cuffling Series
A metal hug for your wrist or ear.  
Shop Cuffling Series
Cuffling® in 14K Gold
Cuffling® in 14K Gold$10,460
English Eccentricities Cuffling®
English Eccentricities Cuffling®$24,000
Turquoise Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff
Turquoise Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff$125
All Inlay Cuffling
All Inlay CufflingFrom  $15,000
Cracker Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff
Cracker Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff$125
Tacky Enamel Cuffling®
Tacky Enamel Cuffling®From  $725
Lawrence Cuffling
Lawrence CufflingFrom  $885
Brass Cuffling®
Brass Cuffling®$225
The Earring Project
These earrings have been in the works for a long time. When I was thinking about them, I realized that what makes our locks great is their weightiness and their convertibility. But we did not want to make heavy earrings. We  wanted to make  earrings that were light and could be worn in many different ways. They are light. They are two sided and they are stackable.  The earring base can be worn on its own and is purposely designed not as hoop but more like a thick line--to sit tight on you...
Shop The Earring Project
Yellow Gold Earring Bases
Yellow Gold Earring Bases$1,300
Black Jade Disc Pair
Black Jade Disc Pair$2,025
Turquoise Mini Discs
Turquoise Mini Discs$975
Cushion Lozenge with Garnet and Mother of Pearl
Cushion Lozenge with Garnet and Mother of Pearl$850
Rose Gold Earring Bases
Rose Gold Earring Bases$1,300
Pearl Drop Lozenge
Pearl Drop Lozenge$1,000
Cushion Lozenge with Amethyst and Turquoise
Cushion Lozenge with Amethyst and Turquoise$850
Diamond Earring Bases
Diamond Earring BasesFrom  $3,248
The Enamel Series
We added color and we couldn't we kept going.
Shop The Enamel Series
Medium Lock with Swamp Enamel
Medium Lock with Swamp Enamel$1,100
Heartlock with Tacky Enamel
Heartlock with Tacky Enamel$1,100
Black Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff
Black Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff$125
Turquoise Enamel Cuffling®
Turquoise Enamel Cuffling®From  $725
Medium Lock with Cloud Enamel
Medium Lock with Cloud Enamel$1,100
Medium Lock with Lawrence Enamel
Medium Lock with Lawrence Enamel$1,200
Medium Lock with Tacky Enamel
Medium Lock with Tacky Enamel$1,100
Medium Lock with Turquoise Enamel
Medium Lock with Turquoise Enamel$1,100
Special Locks
These Locks defy description. We may have had too much fun here.
Shop Special Locks
Manhattan Lock
Manhattan Lock$8,500
American Lock
American Lock$20,000

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BabylockFrom  $110
Medium Lock
Medium Lock$1,150
Regular Lock
Regular LockFrom  $300
Chubby Babylock in Gold
Chubby Babylock in GoldFrom  $1,250
StarlockFrom  $1,000

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