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Let's Put it Together

The Story

In 2016 upon the heels of a trip to Japan where I saw vending machines everywhere selling all manor of objects. It struck me that we should do the same and I began building one immediately upon my return. It launched as an installation at the Brooklyn Museum and went on to a garden in Brooklyn and finally to Rockefeller Center. Precious things available to people in an unexpected and joyful way....that was my motivation and we are excited to keep developming down this path

Our Locks

Babylock in Gold

$ 465.00

Babylock in Silver

$ 110.00

Boltlock in Gold

$ 745.00

Heartlock in Gold

$ 1,130.00

Regular Lock in Gold

$ 2,760.00

Medium Lock in Gold

$ 1,150.00

Heartlock in Silver

From $ 200.00

Baby Meander Lock in Gold

$ 650.00

Boltlock in Silver

$ 163.00

Chubby Babylock in Gold

$ 1,250.00

Baby Heartlock in Gold

$ 616.00

Starlock in Gold

From $ 1,000.00

Our Chains

Heavy Curb Chain in Silver Necklace

From $ 333.00

Square Link Chain in Silver Necklace

From $ 90.00

Fine Curb Chain in Silver Necklace

From $ 193.00

Rolo Chain in Silver Necklace

From $ 214.00

Biker Chain Necklace in Blackened Silver

From $ 202.00

Square Link Chain in Gold Necklace

From $ 467.00

Pulley Chain in Gold Necklace

From $ 1,331.00