Rotating Marla Aaron products
Rotating Marla Aaron products

Itty Bitty Strands

They are small.
Seed Pearl Strand
Seed Pearl Strand$ 450
Itty Bitty Colored Agate Strand
Itty Bitty Colored Agate Strand$ 450
Itty Bitty Faceted Chrysocolla Strand
Itty Bitty Faceted Chrysocolla Strand$ 450
Itty Bitty Strand with Lapis
Itty Bitty Strand with Lapis$ 450
Itty Bitty Garnet Strand
Itty Bitty Garnet Strand$ 450
Itty Bitty Strand with Pink Spinel
Itty Bitty Strand with Pink Spinel$ 450
Itty Bitty Tiger Iron Strand
Itty Bitty Tiger Iron Strand$ 450
Itty Bitty Orange Agate Strand
Itty Bitty Orange Agate Strand$ 450

Why Not?

Babylock$ 110
Medium Lock
Medium Lock$ 1,150
Regular Lock
Regular Lock$ 300
Chubby Babylock in Gold
Chubby Babylock in Gold$ 1,250
Starlock$ 1,000

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