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The Fiddling Series

The Fiddling Series celebrates movement—specifically the way jewelry is played with or “fiddled with”. These objects are meant to be played with and moved around with your hands. Go ahead…fiddle….

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Trundle Rings
Trundle is a 16th century word that means a small wheel or roller. We wanted to make a ring that had movement. That begged to be played with by the wearer. The Trundle ring comes in many many variations and two distinct ways—a wheel that only rolls and a version that opens so that it can be worn as a lock.
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The Pulley
The movement and function  of a Pulley is what compelled us to make one. While fun to simply “play” with as a charm, the Pulley is also functional—a chain can be added at any length to add additional charms OR to change the length of a necklace. But to simply roll it in your hands, swivel it around, perhaps say something with words, with stones is enough. 
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The Myriad
The Myriad Lock is the culmination of almost 3 years of work and countless prototypes to achieve the fluid unusual movement we were seeking for our newest Lock shape. This lock is incredibly functional but also “fiddle worthy. We think you will find myriad uses for it. Can be worn with most any of our chains but especially beautiful on the Myriad Chain - a matching chain literally made for this special lock of interlocking shapes.
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The Pins Charm
This is our very first object—and you’ve definitely played with one before. But not like this. The idea was to make a precious version of this toy that could be worn but just as easily exist as an object on its own. 
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