The #LockYourMom Project

Why are we giving away locks to single moms?

I was a single mom from the time my son was 1-6 years old.  Then I met my husband and together with our children we made a family.

I can not fully begin to describe how difficult this time in my life was.  Let’s leave it at —it was tough. And I mean tough as in, how-will- I-pay-for-groceries tough.

  I will never forget that time in my life. And most specifically on Mother’s Day. When you have a small child and it’s Mother’s Day and virtually everyone around you has a partner who is celebrating their “motherliness”…well it feels a bit sad. 

Flash forward!

I remember that feeling.

I am a small business and I want to give back in some way. In a personal way


On Mother's Day 2016 we decided to give away 50 special edition Baby Heartlocks in sterling silver to single moms. We did it on Instagram and the response was amazing.  (You can take a look at some of the videos and photos from the kickoff if you go to the hashtag #lockyourmom50 on Instagram.

We actually gave away more than 50 but the idea was 50. The stories we heard were beautiful and hard and courageous and loving. So I didn't want to stop giving when Mother's Day was over. It was that simple. 

Why do the locks have an exclamation point on them?

Our locks have 6 sides on which to engrave names, words, messages...anything.  I was thinking about what to engrave on these very special locks and "Mom" didn't quite work because that is not universal. What IS universal is the powerful, speechless feeling of motherhood. The !!! of motherhood--both how it feels to be a mother and how one feels about their that's what we did.

How can I participate if I am, know, or love a single mom? 

That's a great question.  Just drop us a note at .  Just do it once.  We receive them all.  We will slowly get through them. We promise....

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