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The Fiddling Series

The Words Pulley

The movement and function of a Pulley is what compelled us to make one. While fun to simply “play” with as a charm, the Pulley is also functional--a chain can be added at any length to add additional charms OR to change the length of a necklace. But to simply roll it in your hands, swivel it around, perhaps say something with words, with stones is enough. 

Customize the colors of gold, choose the stones….you’ll soon enough be wondering what you did without it. 

The wheel of the Pulley can accommodate up to 9 characters. We also have “Only You”, “Love You", “Mine”.

Available in 14K Gold, stones 

​2.1cm x 12.5mm, wheel is 9.5mm, swiveling loop is 6.5mm.

#marlaaaronjewelry #fiddlingseries #thepulleycharm

$ 3,800.00

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