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The Inlay Series

All Inlay Lapis Vinaigrette Necklace

About The Lock: The All Inlay Lock measures 3.6cm x 2cm with a thickness of 3.7mm, closure is 8.5mm with 64 inlaid Malachite stones. 18k yellow gold.

About The Chain: This 14k yellow gold Rolo chain is 30". The links each measure about 2.4mm X 2.4mm.

About Our Charmed Box: Our Charmed Box measures  13mm x 13mm x 13mm and is entirely inlaid with Lapis Lazuli stones, and has a vinaigrette bottom. Vinaigrettes were popular from the late 18th century through the mid-19th century. They were small containers used for holding various aromatic substances. They usually held a tiny piece of sponge soaked in a liquid (like vinegar). It's primary purpose was to mask bad smells. Ours is to emit beautiful smells. Simply soak a cotton ball in your favorite fragrance and nestle it in the box and that is all. 14k yellow gold.

$ 30,969.00

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