Enamel Cuffling® Series

The Enamel Cuffling® Series was created when I asked myself what else do I want to stack on my wrist that I’d never seen before? The answer was bands of color. Every color. The purest expression of color. And I wanted it to feel solid and still be sterling silver–for the weight of it and because it is precious. It took over a year to finally create colors that were as vivid as the ones I imagined. The Enamel Cuffling® Series is the only part of the collection that is not made here in New York. I turned to a seventh generation enamelist in England to work with me on this and the results are the pure expressions of color of my dreams.  We release new colors on an ongoing basis. Is there a color you dream of and you don’t see it? Email me and send me a swatch. Custom colors can take about 4 -8 weeks.

Please note: Size Regular fits up to a 6" wrist. Size Large fits up to a 7" wrist. If you would like one either smaller or larger, please contact us for custom sizing.