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3 Loop Square Link Chain with Yellow Gold Babylock
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3 Loop Square Link Chain with Yellow Gold Babylock

About The Lock: The Babylock is our most popular lock--used as a connector, a clasp, a charm holder and for many, the very first lock that they purchase. It measures 1.5cm x 9mm with a thickness of 2mm, closure is 4mm. The Babylock fits on all chains, or strands. Ideal for a necklace. They have six sides and can be engraved with up to 3 letters, numbers or symbols per side. 14k yellow gold.

About The Chain: Our favorite fine chain. This chain works beautifully with our smaller or medium sized locks. This chain is only sold in these limited lengths because anything longer with a chain of this weight would be too much stress and result in a broken chain. Please note, this chain is not suitable for sustaining additional charms,  holding multiple locks or larger locks. Please select one of our sturdier chains for that activity. 14k yellow gold. The links each measure about 1.9mm X 5mm. 16"/18" 3 loop chain.

$ 962.00

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