Something new from something very old


I hope this finds you and yours well.

Something new from something very old to share with you.

I love old odd things and I keep a cabinet filled with them next to my desk at work. Very few of those things are actually jewelry.

Which leads me to these strange little objects that a dealer in London messaged me about in 2021. “I got a cool mechanism I think you’ll like,” he said.

These two weird little objects--perhaps some sort of keychain from the 1700s (!) with the word Musgrave beautifully hand engraved on them. But it was the crude yet brilliant mechanism at the top that struck me as something we could do something special with.

What caught my interest specifically was the idea of the two disks that spin in opposite directions to release a side. With some modifications of size and dimension, we could have some fun.

The potential of the mechanism was even greater than we expected, lending itself to many many iterations, sterling silver, 18k gold, pave, and inlay.

We decided to call it “The Musgrave” in honor of the well known family that’s name dates back to the 1300’s and who were the likely owners of these original pieces.

So the Musgrave comes in literally infinite variations and we can’t wait to see all the ways you’ll wear it.

The Musgrave can be worn in infinite ways--for a bracelet, a necklace...
what will you do with them?

A final note. If you’ve made it this far you clearly care a lot about what we have to say about the pieces we make. So much work, development and thought goes into a new piece--especially one as complex as this one. Including people we don’t even know who hundreds of years ago sat down to make something useful. Like all our pieces, they are better when you’ve had a hand in playing with them. For this I can’t wait.



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