Talking Chains

is the culmination of a year-long project where we wanted to incorporate words and symbols and numbers into a chain. We challenged ourselves with the notion that all the characters had to move precisely like the chain so no mobility or function would be lost. (If you think of a standard name tag necklace, the characters are immobile. Same with an ID bracelet.)

The premise for Talking Chains was it all had to move together, which is why we developed a joint system that allows for each character to move independently and with the chain. 

What will you say with Talking Chains?

In gold or silver or combinations of both.

While Talking Chains don't talk, you can say pretty much whatever you want with them, and they will sit on your neck on your wrist, and quietly but smashingly, say something. In gold or silver or combinations of both.

Talking Chains

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Talking Chains

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Gold diamond babylock with closed clasp
Woman wearing multiple necklaces including necklace with diamond baby lock

Allstone Chubby Babylock with Diamonds

From LE 340,504.00
Create the perfect name chain that redefines personal expression. Marla Aaron's Talking Chains is a testament to the beauty of bespoke jewelry, blending artistry with innovation. Each piece you create is more than a mere accessory; it's a narrative you can wear. Our personalized chains are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Whether you're drawn to the luster of a personalized gold chain or the understated elegance of a personalized silver chain, our assortment caters to your unique taste. These chains aren't just jewelry; they're a form of personal storytelling. Looking for something truly yours? Creating a custom chain necklace allows you to embed your personality into every link. Choose from a variety of lengths, materials, and characters to create a piece that speaks to your individuality. For those who love minimalism, create an initial chain for a subtle yet powerful way to personalize your look. Turn your piece into a custom chain bracelet, perfect for stacking or wearing solo. These bracelets are a blend of contemporary style and timeless charm, adaptable to any occasion. Each name chain is a celebration of personal choice, a testament to Marla Aaron's dedication to individuality. And for a statement that's uniquely yours, create your own custom message necklace. With Talking Chains, every chain tells a story. Yours is waiting to be told.
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