Not the email that you were suppose to get

Let’s get to the point, shall we? Full disclosure. I saw another email that was going out and asked if I could just take some photos on my phone of what I'm loving and share it with you and then write you a note. Marketing sighed and shook their head and said "if you insist" we are. 

Mother’s Day is May 14th. That’s this Sunday.

If you find yourself scrambling, we are here to help.
Here are some gifts that we love. Well actually I love them and I'm a mother--I feel sort of like an authority on this topic as a mother-jewelry designer-jewelry lover.  Sit back. Let's ride.
First up our diamond dipped Question Mark Lock on a gold chain. Do you know how many of your questions she's answered? She's answered questions before you've even asked them. Remind her of this superpower. 
Next Chubby Rolling Spheres in amethyst. This stunning ring is beautiful on but more importantly each stone rolls independently which quite simply is soothing...You will want to roll them. She will want to roll them.  
The Earring Project began because I wanted to make a pair of earrings that were light as feathers and convertible--that could be worn in infinite ways. The pearl ones are my personal favorite, a large Akoya pearl cut in half to accommodate the mechanism. They can be worn alone or even add other bits. It's really up to you.
Fordite is the layers of car paint that turn into a rock that is then carved. We make several things with it but I think this oval Fordite charm paired with a Chubby Medium Lock slung on a long Heavy Curb chain is the ideal way to wear them. The chain can be worn long, doubled, as a get the idea. 
Finally, Mother's Day is about heart overall. So give her a giant hand engraved one in yellow and rose gold on a significant silver collar--stunning, weighty, elegant. If your mother is the woman for this piece you know instantly...
Play with jewelry. Buy your mother something fabulous for mother's day....or call her. Text her. 
Maybe none of these things work for you. That's OK. Call us. We can help  646.628.2389 or reply to this email!--really OR come visit us and see it all in person on Thursday, May 11 from 2 pm to 7 pm. No appointment is needed. There's so much more to see--I just picked my favorites.
PS If you're my son and you are reading this, it's the Chubby Rolling Spheres with amethyst for me--size 6.


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