Our Pulley had a baby.


If you had told me I would be writing to you about any of the things I'm going to run through with you here I simply would not believe you. But let's tuck in shall we? 

First and foremost, The Pulley had a baby. A Baby Pulley if you will that is cute and tiny and functional. In gold AND silver. We did this quite literally for you because you asked for it over and over again. They are live today on our website here and at some of our stores.

The Baby Pulley smoothly functions with our Fine Curb and Not So Heavy Curb Chain yet could also be used with our Gold Old World in a pinch. 

And then there's this...our Itty Bitty Blob. We owe you an explanation for this one so here it goes. I was in the workshop seeing a curb chain be disassembled...the little “bits” were interesting especially when they stacked up on each other….as pieces. We explored this idea and thus Itty Bitty Blob was born. It’s a dainty little blob on its own but most compellingly they “stack” on top of each other and make a delightful little noise. Imagine a bunch of our Itty Bitty Charms all together. There you go!

Here's the next "in case you missed it"... our humble original Lock was featured in Vogue. I'm still letting that sink in for me as we've never been featured in American Vogue before....check out the article here

Speaking of shock and disbelief, we had the honor to receive the Gem Award for Jewelry Design by the Jewelers of America. This was an enormous shocking honor. But truly it doesn't compare to the recognition for our work that I have always felt since the beginning from you all. It has kept me going, seeking, experimenting, with you cheering me on.

So, lots of surprises. I hope you want a Baby Pulley and to stack some Itty Bitty Blobs on a Lock. But even if you don't, we are incredibly grateful for your interest in our work here.


Love, (seriously!)


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