Let's get hinged, let's play a game and cookies


I hope this finds you and yours well. You're receiving this note because we think you'll be interested in this particular launch-Open Hinged Cufflings.

Remember chocolate chip cookies before the pinch of sea salt on top? It's hard to remember that because with that tiny edit--the addition of a pinch of sea salt on top—the cookie was transformed.

While we are in no way suggesting that this is a seismic shift of the same order, we've revamped our Cuffling. It has a hinge now, which means it's more wrist friendly.


It fits better. Plus it has a mechanism now which you know is something we treasure. It's how things work not just the way they look that sends us....


But it's not simply that I can never say no to a new mechanism. The addition of the hinge also provides the perfect format to mix and match our enamel colors into delicious combinations. So it's a mechanism for the sake of comfort AND beauty.

Like sea salt on a chocolate chip cookie, we hope it's something you didn't know you needed but now kind of can't live without.

As ever, thank you for your interest in our work.

Additionally, you know how much we love a game. And we know how much you love our gumball machine, so we have a game for you. Many of you, when you found out about the existence of our gumball machine, asked if you could play with it virtually… so we thought you’d like to play this game virtually too.

We have filled it with some gold Locks—all different kinds that range in price valued as high as The minimum value of Lock and chain you would take away is $1300. Basically it's a win.

Here's what is in there:

Here's how to play: 

1. Book a virtual appointment.

2.  You will buy 3 coins for $1200.

3.  Those 3 coins buy you 3 turns at the gumball machine.

4.  You will then have to choose between the three Locks you get from those turns that you like best.

5.  The game is not over yet. You will then get to choose between a silver Rolo chain with gold loops or a polished silver Biker chain (it's included) to go with that Lock that you choose. The chain will be at least 17" long and fit most people.

That’s it. It’s a win-win. Unless you don’t like games or jewelry…..then we’re sorry we bothered you.

This fun game is for a limited time only, so book yours now before everyone else. Or I change my mind. Which could also happen.....

Joyfully yours,


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