Itty bitty things for not so itty bitty celebrations and a walk on the moon

Hi everyone, 

You clearly like it when I step in here and obliterate the best (and I do mean the best) laid plans that we have to show you new things. 

Let me start by wishing ALL the graduates congratulations. If you’ve been lucky enough to attend any graduations from any institutions recently you know they are incredibly well prepared and know things that we don’t even fully understand. They are well-armed and have a vast runway of choices. That said, we’ve assembled some pieces here that we think graduates could like. We also have some new things that everyone will like.

First off…..We couldn’t leave good enough alone with our Moonlock. I became obsessed with this idea of a Surface of the Moonlock…I  took actual imagery of the moon's surface with all its uneven crater-y, gritty goodness to create this  beautifully intricate textured version of our very popular Moonlock. I mean why would we not want to celebrate the mystery and wonder of the Surface of the moon? They are available in silver and 18K green gold.

And then there are charms…we make beautiful ones and you’ve enjoyed them but we’ve never made really little ones –tiny in fact. They are called Itty Bitty Charms and they  are, quite simply, several of our most beloved charm shapes— a heart, bolt, and moon— made in solid 14k gold in the usual suspects (yellow, rose, white, and green) with one itty bitty diamond (0.15 carats)  inlaid in each. In total they come in eight distinct shapes and are adorable—especially when worn with any of our “Baby" series of Locks.

That’s it for now. Not really but what we’re sharing. I hope your graduates find work that brings out their special something. In life, this is what you hope—for yourself and for your children. 
Until the next time marketing lets me take over their email, I remain,


PS: Is college even necessary anymore? I mean I pretty much feel like with a tiny dream, a good public library and Google at your fingertips, you can conquer the world...


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