this is still just a test

this is still just a test

January 2017
Dear ​You!

As the new year gets underway,​ all I can say is THANK YOU for the incredible support you've given ​our work here at Marla Aaron Jewelry.​ It has been rewarding beyond imagination​ to build pieces of jewelry that are worn by the most badass, elegant and stylish women in the world. ​We work so hard to create special things that are worn every day, and loved forever. ​You clearly know our jewelry well because you are our customers, but perhaps you are unaware of some of the amazing custom projects and unique pieces we made this holiday season. I had to share, because that's what I do...​
This version of our Charmed Box holds an aquamarine and a smokey topaz, the birthstones of a couple. The two stones were cut from the rough fused together so that they would appear "as one." The engraving on the sides of the box are the initials of the family members, and the Boomerang Lock contains pink and green tourmalines, representing the birthstones of their children.
For the very first time, we used Paraiba tourmalines for our locks -- the rarest and most special color from the Paraiba mine in Brazil. The larger lock holds "Windex Blue" Paraiba -- yes, that's actually what they call it!
Three sisters were left a bag of gold jewelry that had belonged to their mother. What to do? We made locks! We used diamonds from some of the pieces belonging to their mother; the colored stones celebrate their personalities rather than birthstones.
We started experimenting with having our largest sized all-gold lock completely engraved by hand by a master engraver, and it was so successful that...
We made an engraved version of our Cuffling®. This one is gone, but we are hard at work on another.
I was tickled to be asked to reimagine a collection of African trading beads into strands of various lengths to be worn with a variety of our locks for a serious collector in Arizona.
We took apart one unworn (and somewhat important) bracelet, and turned it into a matching pair of black Stoned Heart Locks and pavé Babylocks for two sisters... because it only really becomes "important" if it is worn and loved, no? ​

​All this to say, it's been thrilling to imagine -- and in some cases, reimagine -- jewelry for you. We have many new pieces on the site with more coming soon, so be sure to check them out.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some things that I'm absolutely FLIPPING over right now...
  • Anything from Gabriela Hearst. It's unexpected, beautiful, and highly functional.
  • Speaking of function, I got this spiralizer a few months ago, and my world just got bigger. Can't stop doing it. It's soothing. You should try it.
  • Ever heard of a monk fruit? Well, they make a sweetener out of it, and I'm telling you it's insane. It may change my life.
  • I continue to wear my Dark & Stormy lipstick, even though I was told that I looked like Dracula in it. It's ok... I'll live :)
​I'm learning about Donabe cooking at the urging of some of our Japanese customers. And it is fascinating. They shared with me this wonderful blog written by a woman living in LA who is the reigning Donabe Queen. I have not bought my pot for it yet, but am reading up to gear up.

Will keep you posted, as I love to do...

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