It was in knots. Literally.

It was in knots. Literally.


It's been a while since I've reached out to you. Did you miss us? Do you want more emails? Please don't answer that. 

We are launching something special and thought you might want to know.

But first a little story!

Something new inspired by knots. Literally. Knots were the inspiration and it started with the closure of our Twisted Lock which always struck me as something we needed to pursue further. Thus the True Lover’s Knot Lock came to be—the design of which is based on the actual “true lover’s knot” which is a fisherman rope knot that has come to symbolize love and fidelity. 

The Lock specifically felt like the perfect place to keep a ring on a chain while hands are busy doing messy things. It all could have stopped there but then why not a handmade chain of knots? And thus the True Lover’s Knot chain came to be. While they work together beautifully, they also can exist on their own and work together with our other Locks and chains and whatever you wish to do with them.

The True Lover's Knot can be worn in infinite ways--for a bracelet, necklace...perfect to add one or two or more rings on while your hands are busy doing other things.
We are thrilled to offer the  True Lover's Knot Series in both 18k gold  and sterling silver. 
Did we need to make another Lock? No.
Did we need to make another chain? No. 
But you know...when the idea occurred to us it was too good to not do it. 
So here we are. 
Let us know what you think. Come visit to play in person. 
Love, (seriously!)


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