butter cakes, ziplines, and vending machines that don't sell candy

butter cakes, ziplines, and vending machines that don't sell candy

December 2017


I promised these emails would not be sent that often and I've certainly lived up to that! 

We have had a busy and extraordinary year in many ways. I am deeply proud of all that we've accomplished across so many different dimensions.  

We finally launched our Earring Project. They were based on my desire to create something totally different in the earring world--something light, something convertible. 

I was inspired by ziplines and construction sites.

They can be worn many ways. We were so excited about them we filed our first utility patent. But more importantly they have been extremely well received by stores and customers alike. If you have them let us know what you think. ​If you don't, what are you waiting for?

Sometimes one project leads into others and as we started working more and more with stones like turquoise and mother of pearl and lapis lazuli, I got to thinking about doing a series based on inlay. First we thought we would only do the closure of our locks but then we just went wild with it. The Inlay series will grow in the new year so be on the lookout for new additions.

In other news, almost 2 years ago I went to Japan for the first time to visit one of our stores and I became obsessed with all the vending machines ​on the streets. I came home resolved to make one for New York. On Friday, December 8, our first vending machine was installed at The Brooklyn Museum.  ​

It is just one of the ways I am thinking about making our jewelry available in unusual places and spaces. Where do you think the next one should go?

Watch the video on our website

Our #lockyourmom project continues--and this year we gave out over 300. Next year our hope is to give out even more. If you told us about a deserving single mom or are one yourself and received one, thank you!

While we love you to buy our jewelry on our website and now at our vending machine, our stores are the places where the magic happens. This year we expanded our reach even further with retail partners in Beirut, Switzerland, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and many new US stores. Our stores are where you can really play with our collection and I am very proud of the incredible independent merchants we work with around the world.

For years, I gave out my seasalt butter cake to our vendors and retailers that I made myself. We now have so many cakes to make that I can't possibly do it so I enlist the help of my dear friend Indigo Jones Eats to help us keep this tradition going. While I can't give each of you a cake, I can share the recipe with you. Trust me if I can make it anyone can! 

Wishing you and yours the most wonderful holiday season and an excellent 2018.  

Thank you for your ongoing interest in my work! Thank you for your creativity in the way you wear it. 

Warmest wishes,

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