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Gold Regular Lock on a Gold Hard Hook Bracelet

About The Lock: The Regular Lock measures 3cm x 1.5cm with a thickness of 4mm Closure is 6mm. Fits best on all stone or pearl necklaces, and a variety of our thicker chains and bracelets. 14k rose gold.

About The Hard Hook: We created the Hard Hook bracelet to allow for the locks to be "converted" into a bangle bracelet. Works beautifully with the Regular Lock, Medium Lock, and Heartlock. Can even be worn with multiple locks. The bracelets all have a certain "springiness" to allow for multiple sizes of locks to be worn with it. Regular fits up to a size 7 wrist and Large fits up to an 8. Some people prefer to wear the larger size for a more "bangly" feeling. 14k rose gold.

$ 5,434.00

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