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Rose Gold Hand Engraved Charmed Vinaigrette Box and Regular Lock on Biker Chain

Rose Gold Hand Engraved Charmed Vinaigrette Box and Regular Lock on Biker Chain

About The Lock: In Marla's words: "Our locks could not exist without both the hand and the machine. By this I mean the hands of our talented jewelers and engravers and the modern technology that has allowed us to create these tools made of precious metals with great precision. Our Hand Engraved locks are the highest expression of this. We give master hand engravers our Regular Locks and let them engrave them at their discretion. No two are alike. We chose this size specifically to allow a generous surface area for the artistry to unfold." The Hand Engraved Lock measures 3cm x 1.5cm with a thickness of 4mm, closure of 6mm. 14k rose gold. 

About The Chain: 30" 14k rose gold links that have been handcrafted in our New York City workshop. A beautiful place to hang our locks. The links each measure about 4.3mm X 7.9mm.

About The Charmed Box: Engraved to your specifications. We give master hand engravers our Vinaigrette Charmed Box, so two are ever alike. Email to coordinate the engraving for your Charmed Box. Vinaigrettes were popular from the late 18th century through the mid-19th century. They were small containers used for holding various aromatic substances. They usually held a tiny piece of sponge soaked in a liquid (like vinegar). It's primary purpose was to mask bad smells. Ours is to emit beautiful smells. Simply soak a cotton ball in your favorite fragrance and nestle it in the box and that is all. This Charmed Box is 13mm x 13mm x 13mm. 14k rose gold.

$ 11,101.00

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