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Mixed Meander Lock with Mixed Meander Chain

Mixed Meander Lock with Mixed Meander Chain

About The Lock: The first of our Meander Locks. Meander refers to a "Greek Key" design and is in its most basic form a linear pattern. The design is made up of a long, continuous line that repeatedly folds back on itself, mimicking the ancient Meander River of Asia Minor with its many twists and turns. Like life. The Meander Lock measures 2cm x 2cm, body has a thickness of 2.7mm, closure has a thickness of 6.6mm. 14k rose gold and white gold. 

About The Chain: A meander or Greek key design takes its name from the river Meander, a river with many twists and turns. The meander is an important symbol of the eternal flow of things. The river Meander had a very convoluted path. The new Meander chain is a slimmer version of our Greek Key Bracelet. It is handmade in our workshop in New York. 14k rose gold and white gold. The links each measure about 4.0mm X 12.0mm. Chain is 17.5".

$ 5,781.00

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