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Rotating Marla Aaron products
English Eccentricities Cuffling® English Eccentricities Cuffling® English Eccentricities Cuffling® English Eccentricities Cuffling®

English Eccentricities Cuffling®

$ 24,000.00

A note from Marla: I have loved England and all of it’s quirkiness and beauty since my first time there too many years ago. I wanted to celebrate all of England in one Cuffling. Every inch of this piece tells the story of English Eccentricity and my love for it. Entirely hand engraved with obsession, imagination and precision.

Here is a list of all that is on it: Robin Reliant, pint of beer, Her Majesty The Queen, black cab, Tower Bridge, Cutty Sark, Globe Theatre, Shakespeare, a postbox, penny farthing, pie & chips, a country cottage, stilton cheese, a London bus, old English scales, an English rose, telephone box, high tea, Stonehenge, hot cross bun, ballet shoes, egg & “soldiers”, a glass of claret, a gnome, daffodil, A full English Mini Cooper, digestive biscuit, Thatched house, the Angel Hotel of Suffolk, Union Jack, Punch & Judy, horse & cart, custard cream, theatre masks, cricket, Big Ben, Sherlock Holmes, street lamps, and a watermill

Wraps perfectly around the wrist. A metal hug for the wrist. 

A word on sizing: Regular fits up to a 6" wrist comfortably. 

14k Rose Gold.

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