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American Lock

American Lock

A word from Marla: "The closure is lapis and cachalong (a form of opal) stars, and the lapis is set in a haphazard, almost broken, fashion, because we are not perfect; there are cracks in the glittery surface of our beloved ‘American Dream.’ But it is still beautiful, and it is still our story.”

About The Lock: The American Lock measures 3cm x 1.5cm with a thickness of 4.8mm, the closure of 6mm. Pave diamonds and blue sapphires surround the entire body of the lock, and the closure is completely inlaid with lapis lazuli and cachalong stars. 18k gold

About The Strand: The lock comes on a 36-inch undyed Mediterranean coral bead strand with 14k gold loops.

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$ 28,000.00

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