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The Vending Machine Situation

We have a vending machine...

Fitting into its new manhattan location nicely
Marla with Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice, co-founders of MZ Wallace
The vending machine's latest residency was at the MZ Wallace store at 93 Crosby Street in New York City's Soho neighborhood from January 24 - May 13. It was a Valentine's Day installation and included this short film, "Love is Everything" in celebration of love.
Previously the vending machine was installed in the garden at the William Vale Hotel and launched at the Brooklyn Museum. The videos below ran inside the machine at both of those locations. 
Me in front of it at the Brooklyn Museum
The vending machine at the William Vale

…we created these videos to explain to you why we thought this was an interesting way for you to buy our jewelry…

This is the video that appeared in the Brooklyn Museum installation
This is the video that appeared in our William Vale Park installation

…and people really seemed to like the way we did it…

…and this is what we sell in the vending machine.

Be on the look out for its next installation because for us this really is just the beginning!