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#LockYourMom 2020

We are back. For the 5th year. Giving a bit more. Every year we try to give more. You can’t buy them. We only give them away. Single Moms this is for you.

“My mom is an angel. No other words can describe her.”

“These locks would serve as a symbol of our little family - three tough girls who take on the world together. We can’t wait to surprise our Mom with her own beautiful Marla Aaron lock this Mother’s Day.”

Now until Mother’s Day we are giving away 800 locks to single moms across the country. The locks are sterling silver Heartlocks with exclamation points which signify the ‼️‼️ of motherhood. A feeling that is relatable to anyone who’s been one or had one. We only give them away to single moms.

It’s not a contest. Single mothers are always winners in our book. Once we hit 800 we will stop and let you know. Thank you for doing this with us. PS: Being a single mom is not “a gender thing”. It’s figurative too and by that I mean we have honored single dads who are raising children on their own too.

“What you’re doing is a beautiful thing. I include both my daughter and you, Marla, in my list of women who inspire me to leave this world better than I’ve found it.”

“She has no assistance. She does it ALL on her own and she does it all SO well.”

If you are just joining us and want to know what it all means, follow the #LockYourMom hashtag on Instagram and check out the #LockYourMom section of our website.

Let's begin