Rotating Marla Aaron products
Rotating Marla Aaron products

The Enamel Series

We added color and we couldn't we kept going.
Enamel Medium Lock
Shop Enamel Medium Lock
Medium Lock with Blush Enamel
Medium Lock with Blush Enamel$1,100
Medium Lock with Navy Enamel
Medium Lock with Navy Enamel$1,100
Medium Lock with Red Enamel
Medium Lock with Red Enamel$1,100
Medium Lock with Swamp Enamel
Medium Lock with Swamp Enamel$1,100
Medium Lock with Fuchsia Enamel
Medium Lock with Fuchsia Enamel$1,100
Medium Lock with Tacky Enamel
Medium Lock with Tacky Enamel$1,100
Medium Lock with Turquoise Enamel
Medium Lock with Turquoise Enamel$1,100
Medium Lock with Cloud Enamel
Medium Lock with Cloud Enamel$1,100
Enamel Heartlock
Shop Enamel Heartlock
Heartlock with Blush Enamel
Heartlock with Blush Enamel$1,100
Heartlock with Fuchsia Enamel
Heartlock with Fuchsia Enamel$1,100
Heartlock with Navy Enamel
Heartlock with Navy Enamel$1,100
Heartlock with Red Enamel
Heartlock with Red Enamel$1,100
Heartlock with Swamp Enamel
Heartlock with Swamp Enamel$1,100
Heartlock with Turquoise Enamel
Heartlock with Turquoise Enamel$1,100
Heartlock with Cloud Enamel
Heartlock with Cloud Enamel$1,100
Heartlock with Tacky Enamel
Heartlock with Tacky Enamel$1,100
Enamel Starlock
Shop Enamel Starlock
Large Starlock with Tacky Enamel
Large Starlock with Tacky Enamel$1,500
Large Starlock with Navy Enamel
Large Starlock with Navy Enamel$1,500
Large Starlock with Fuschia Enamel
Large Starlock with Fuschia Enamel$1,500
Enamel Cuffling® Earcuffs
These were designed to mimic the lines of the Cuffling® Series bracelet and stack on your ear. They went through lots and lots of tests and this is a shape that fits most everyone. Remember, it should feel comfortable and its in a different spot on everyone. Here is a little how-to on our ear cuffs.
Shop Enamel Cuffling® Earcuffs
Fig Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff
Fig Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff$125
Polkadot Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff
Polkadot Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff$125
Red Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff
Red Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff$125
Cracker Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff
Cracker Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff$125
Lemon Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff
Lemon Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff$125
Creamsicle Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff
Creamsicle Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff$125
Swamp Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff
Swamp Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff$125
Moss Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff
Moss Enamel Cuffling® Earcuff$125
Enamel Cuffling®
The Enamel Cuffling® Series was created when I asked myself what else do I want to stack on my wrist that I’d never seen before? The answer was bands of color. Every color. The purest expression of color. And I wanted it to feel solid and still be sterling silver–for the weight of it and because it is precious. It took over a year to finally create colors that were as vivid as the ones I imagined. We release new colors on an ongoing basis. Is there a color you dream of and you don’t see it? ...
Shop Enamel Cuffling®
Fig Enamel Cuffling®
Fig Enamel Cuffling®From  $725
Cognac Enamel Cuffling®
Cognac Enamel Cuffling®From  $725
Red Enamel Cuffling®
Red Enamel Cuffling®From  $725
Tacky Enamel Cuffling®
Tacky Enamel Cuffling®From  $725
Cracker Enamel Cuffling®
Cracker Enamel Cuffling®From  $725
Creamsicle Enamel Cuffling®
Creamsicle Enamel Cuffling®From  $725
Papaya Enamel Cuffling®
Papaya Enamel Cuffling®From  $725
Turquoise Enamel Cuffling®
Turquoise Enamel Cuffling®From  $725

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BabylockFrom  $110
Medium Lock
Medium Lock$1,150
Regular Lock
Regular LockFrom  $300
Chubby Babylock in Gold
Chubby Babylock in GoldFrom  $1,250
StarlockFrom  $1,000

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