Marla Aaron Showroom Safety Protocol

We love jewelry but we love the human race even more. That’s why we’ve implemented the following safety precautions for all customers entering our showroom: 

  • Enhanced cleaning standards
  • Hand sanitizers widely available
  • Sanitizing the jewelry after every appointment

    Visit Us!

    We know the way you like to play with jewelry and we wanted to create a place where you could play with our jewelry--work with it. It's a way for you to see everything we make, try it all on, bring pieces from your own collection and make it yours. With a little help from us. You may leave with some pieces but you may also place orders for pieces that will then be shipped at no cost to you. You may also find a smattering of other objects that we have assembled here especially for you.

    Our Locks

    Babylock in Gold

    $ 465.00

    Babylock in Silver

    $ 110.00

    Boltlock in Gold

    $ 745.00

    Heartlock in Gold

    $ 1,130.00

    Heartlock in Silver

    From $ 200.00

    Boltlock in Silver

    $ 163.00

    Medium Lock in Gold

    $ 1,150.00

    Baby Meander Lock in Gold

    $ 650.00


    Heavy Curb Chain Necklace in Silver

    From $ 333.00

    Fine Curb Chain in Silver Necklace

    From $ 193.00

    Rolo Chain in Silver Necklace

    From $ 214.00

    Biker Chain Necklace in Blackened Silver

    From $ 202.00

    Square Link Chain in Gold Necklace

    From $ 467.00

    Not So Heavy Curb Chain in Silver Necklace

    From $ 212.00

    Pulley Chain in Gold Necklace

    From $ 1,331.00

    Fine Square Link Chain in Gold Necklace

    From $ 310.00

    Stoned Locks

    Stoned Babylock with Diamonds

    From $ 1,830.00

    Stoned Medium Lock with Diamonds

    From $ 2,530.00