SET 2 is Dropping


Marla Aaron Logo with navy text that reads, "SET2 is dropping." and three locks from set in the upper right."

November 19, 2021


Thanks for being here. I’ll cut to the chase.

SET 2 is “dropping”.

On November 29 at 2PM we will go live on with SET 2. There is a limited quantity, and just as before, once they’re gone, they’re gone. A select group of our retailers will also have a small number of them, so there’s that way to “get SET” too.

Add the live launch to your calendar! When: Nov 29, 2021. 2pm EST Where:

But what IS SET 2?

SET 2 is a combination of 6 pieces that can be worn in infinite ways together, or paired with your own jewelry.

Specifically, these are the pieces:

Green Gold Babylock with Rose Gold Closure and 1 diamond (Long ago we sold Babylocks with one diamond—we thought we would do it again.) Silver Chubby Babylock with Yellow Gold Closure (This combination has been requested since the Chubby Babylock launch.) Yellow Gold Baby Droplock (It is perhaps one of our most hardworking Locks. Also…it’s a drop.)
18" Not So Heavy Chain with Yellow Gold Loops 6.5" Heavy Curb Chain with Rose Gold Loops 6.5" Heavy Curb Chain with Green Gold Loops. We know you obsess over length. We do too. We wanted to make it easy for you.
Rotating gif of different ways to wear SET 2 with words in Marla's handwriting that read, "how will you wear it?" and then two photos of our staff, Melissa and Tayne, wearing SET 2 styled their ways.

Since it’s the holidays we couldn’t just give you jewelry. So we put these pieces in a musical box that plays “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” by BJ Johnson. Because “drop” and how can you not love this song?

Musical notes on a make-shift staff that sit behind the words, "We left the “music box” mechanism visible because….mechanisms." and a photo of SET 2 inside of pink music box.

Let’s recap shall we? On November 29, at 2pm EST. join us on where I will try to be as entertaining as I can possibly be whilst offering you SET 2 to buy. Quantities are limited.

Marla's handwriting that reads: "Add the live launch to your calendar!" with a photo of the box for Set 2

One more thing. SET 2 plus the custom-made musical box is $2,000.

This is our holiday gift to you. Gift it to yourself or someone you love. We’d like to think we demystified our collection for newcomers and added a soundtrack.

So. SET 2. We look forward to seeing you on November 29, at 2pm. Can’t wait to see you on our live when we unleash it.



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