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Thursday, December 16, 2021


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Here’s the kicker. NO ONE ASKED ME! Can you believe it? In light of this, I’m going rogue and commandeering the newsletter. It feels like the right thing to do. Really, I was given no other choice…so…here’s a smattering of gifts I’m into, in no particular order — both jewelry and non-jewelry. And if you don’t care and just need to get to shopping, we’ve also made a little breakdown of some gifts on

A piece I'd love to get:

The Love Machine with a surprise message inside that my husband has secretly engraved.

Marla wearing the love machine ring on a plane to SF last week.
Pieces I'll be giving (really!):

I am giving my own assembled SET (for the uninitiated, SET is our limited series of special locks + chains that can do infinite things that sold out very quickly) consisting of a 22” Pulley Chain, a Handmade Biker bracelet, a Stoned Freeform Lock, and a Babylock. With these pieces, someone special in my life can do lots of things.

My SET in gold with a CTA to shop the SET

I am doing a similar idea in mixed metal with a foundation of silver including a silver and gold Droplock, a silver Biker bracelet, a 22” silver Rolo chain, and a silver Babylock. This is the same general idea at 2 very different prices but both equally capable of doing an infinite amount of things. And then there is what you’ll do with them with your own things…it’s endless.

My SET in mixed metals and a CTA to shop the SET.

These are just some of what I’d give but also anything in our gifts section, which you can peruse here is pretty great.

...And some non-jewelry things that I'm very excited to be giving:

The IndoBoard. I don’t have one yet, but I’m hoping someone will let me use theirs. I think it’s safe to say my nieces and nephews don’t read this newsletter, but that’s what they are getting but only so I can borrow it.

A man with white hair balancing on a balance board
A photo of Esther Perel's Where Should We Begin game

If you know me, you know that I love stories in every form. So, when I saw this game, I ordered several to give as gifts to people I love. I am also giving this game to myself. We all need more intimacy and communication, so anyone spending time with me over the holidays, this is the game I’ll be begging to play.

And lastly, but surely not least... the  cake.

For years I baked it and gave this cake to teachers at my kids’ schools and anyone else in our life. At a certain point, it became too much just for me, so now a chef angel bakes them for us. We can’t possibly reach everyone, but the cake is foolproof, so sharing the recipe is my gift to you.

A photo of our Sea Salt Butter Cake which we gift to our partners each year.
A recipe card with the full recipe for our sea salt butter cake. Email us for the recipe or see our Instagram!

We wish you health, we wish you peace and we hope that we’ve inspired you to play with your jewelry this year.

Warmest wishes and happy holidays to you and yours,


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