Just forward this to someone who loves you.


We’ll keep this brief. 

Mother’s Day is in 2 weeks. 

We are submitting some thoughts here on what could be great gifts—they are on our website and you can go there on your own time. No bad choices. Unless you don't like jewelry, in which case we should not be in contact. Ever.

Assuming you do like it, let me elaborate a bit on a few things in particular.
Our Earring Project is a gift that paves the way for future gifts. Because it’s buildable. Start with the base perhaps. Then maybe add the Fordite Discs. A lozenge for a special occasion. You see what I mean? It builds over time. Meanwhile, she will now have the most comfortable and versatile earrings imaginable. 
Hard and soft, luminous and dark–are any of us ever just one thing? Then why should a strand settle to be one thing? This one is buffed hematite and Akoya pearls and we’ve finished it off with a blue sapphire All Stone Heartlock. It’s a vibe.
Missy runs our showroom and has more jewelry than we really care to discuss here and if you can believe it she wants more. But not just any jewelry……. “the lock of all locks”... because when you have so many, you may want something to stand out. That would be our Large Lock with harlequin sapphires worn on a simple silver chain. Just a simple girl with simple tastes.
Let’s end this email (because I know you want the emails to end) with pure utility. 

Our plain green gold Trundle Lock Ring. Wear it as a ring, wear it as a lock. We don’t care. It does both…….

Speaking of utility. I know I’m late to this party but I just got an air fryer and suffice it to say I am completely obsessed with it. If none of the jewelry I’ve shared with you here interests you or the mother in your life, then by all means, order her an air fryer—it seriously will change her life—or yours. 

Here’s the one I really wanted but didn’t get because I thought it was too expensive, but I still want it. 

Regardless of what you buy from us or elsewhere, we wish you the happiest Mother’s Day and may you and your families have good health and be together.

Marla and the team


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