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February 2017

Dear You!

I can't believe it's February already...

The best gifts are the ones that come out of absolute nowhere. Unexpectedly. Hard to accomplish in a world that anticipates (and monetizes) the act of giving.

One year for Valentine's Day when we were still dating, my husband gave me cat magnets and a book about the history of candy called Candy Freak.

I swear. You can't make this up. "You have cats and one can always use magnets and you love candy," was his rationale — all true.

The gifts made me laugh and definitely brought us closer — and of course showed me that he listened and "saw" me. So ultimately they were great gifts. Even so I can’t be an advocate for them...

But I can advocate for love — anything that's about love. Which brings us to jewelry. In many ways the collection reflects my own needs and desires for jewelry and given the general response, I'd say women agree.

So whether you are given some of these by someone you love OR you flaunt your nose at convention and decide to buy yourself one... it's all good, and it’s all love.

Here are some Valentine's Day gifts that your person could feel good about — as useful as a cat magnet but more lovable.

The Di Me Ring or Di Me Bracelet lets an intimate message hide in plain sight. Say something. Anything. it's like wearing sexy lingerie under a raincoat — no one knows what's underneath.

Our Heart Locks have been called "hearts for the non-heart people." I think that’s true...

We even have two new versions with ruby baguettes in two sizes. Email us if you're interested in these specifically.

Although I will say, nothing beats our Plain Silver Heart Lock engraved with a private message on all six sides. In any language. We have done them all... try us.

Everything we make is for every "sex", so it is sexy as hell when our classic Regular Lock is worn by a couple in different ways. You can go matching, you can mix it up, and when he takes it off, you can wear both of them!

While restaurants are blaring their gorgeous and elaborate Valentine’s Day Dinner menus, perhaps nothing says "I love you" more than Chinese takeout in bed.

But if you insist on going out, may I suggest The Gallery at The Carlyle Hotel? Any place that was "inspired by the sultan’s dining room at the Topikapi Palace in Turkey" will be romantic.

Cheers to love!

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