For the love of love. No pressure.

Hello again.

Our test of newsletters continues. We feel like you’ll let us know when you no longer wish to receive them.

I often refer to Valentine’s Day as the “Love Pressure Cooker” holiday--too much riding on it. Nevertheless we are in the businesss of love to some degree so consider this us fulfilling our obligation to you.

Every love for every heart.

Once again our longtime collaborator, French digital artist, Pierre Marchal worked with us to create this beautiful homage to a kiss across cultures, genders, times….a kiss is something we can all have on Valentine’s Day or any other day. 

But of course we have more than a kiss for you……and those you love….

Our very first all stone version of the Heartlock, here rendered in different sized stones, 4.5 carats of rubies in rose gold. Also available in a diamond version which is coming soon. 

Number Locks were inevitable and here they are. I could easily make a case for any of the numbers being significant in my life. If you are someone who chooses to love symbols (I am) then it's not a stretch to find meaning in every one of the numbers. We hope you’ll have fun with them.


Our #tellmeacolor event ended with Lawrence as the winning entry but really we all won with the hundreds of extraordinary colors you shared. Have a look and read some of the captions—what’s clear is that we all have lots to say about the colors we love.

Visit us! 

Many of you know that I quite literally began by selling our jewelry out of my house so it was not a real stretch for us to create a by appointment experience for you in New York City. If you would like to visit us, you can do that now with appointments that can be scheduled on our website. It's a way for you to see everything we make, try it all on, bring pieces from your own collection and make it yours. With a little help from us. You may leave with some pieces but you may also place orders for pieces that will then be shipped at no cost to you. Like all that we do, it is an experiment and subject to change.

We hope you’ll visit.

If my husband is reading this, what I would like for Valentine’s Day is for him to make this Mushroom Bourguignon recipe for me. I would not be disappointed if it was served with a nice French Burgundy on a table cloth with old Gypsy Kings playing in the background. If he put a copy of this leather bound version of The Giving Tree next to me, I would not be disappointed at all.

To you all, Happy Valentine's Day. No pressure. Seriously. 


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