Do you know what holiday it is today?


August 26th, 2021

We’re nothing if not spontaneous, and that’s because you can’t plan for some things. Some opportunities you must seize!

So with that, let us be the first to wish you a happy National Toilet Paper Day! It’s today and it aligns perfectly with the launch of several new pieces that are part of our Trundle Series. The mechanism for the Trundle Series is similar to the function of toilet paper dispensers.

Now onto the new additions—3 new pieces with infinite possible variations...

Our new piece, called The Cylinder, on a silver chain, and on two gold chains

We’re here because I’ve been obsessed with cylinders forever. It’s kind of why we’re here. These are beads made of various stones or fordite and lined in silver for durability and capped in silver and gold at each end for variety. You can slip them over a chain so they sit next to your Lock. They will slide around in the most pleasing way and transform any chain into a thing of fiddling beauty. Some people think they resemble a macaroni necklace. They also make a lovely sound and you will have a hard time keeping your hands off of them.

A gif of our new chubby trundle lock ring with a turquoise stone

Like our other Trundle Lock Rings, this one can be worn as a ring or a Lock, and it features a delightfully chubby cylinder which is equally fun to play with whichever way you choose to wear it. We had to make a chubby version….I think you’ll agree.

Our new Trundle Lock Bracelets in a line. The gold color alternates between yellow, rose, white, and green golds. There are two stoned versions with harlequin sapphires and diamonds.

It was so great as a ring, it was demanding to be a bracelet. In plain, in different color combinations, stoned in diamonds or mixed sapphires, it opens in the same way the ring does with a gentle push. Interestingly the Trundle Lock rings are flat on the sides because your fingers are flat. The Trundle Lock Bracelet is straight on top where the trundle lies because your wrist is flat—making them incredibly comfortable to wear.

I think that covers it all. The invention of toilet paper on a roll, precious cylinders to wear and play with, chubby rings.

Finally, like everything it seems, someone has rethought toilet paper, selling it without the cardboard roll or “tubeless” as it is known. Apparently, it is much better for the planet. It will require a rethinking of bathroom fixtures around the world—don’t kill the messenger but maybe give it a try. You can read about the tubeless toilet paper movement here.

Perhaps if they take off our Trundle Series will be a poignant reminder of how we use to do things…..


P.S. We know it's National Dog Day. Here are ours.

This is a slide-show of our office dogs!



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