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Our Completed Pieces

We put some pieces together for you. Because sometimes you don't want to think about it.

Completed Necklaces


Silver Heartlock on Silver Square Link Chain Necklace

4.200,00 kr

Silver Babylock on a Silver Square Link Chain Necklace

2.700,00 kr

Gold Babylock on Fine Square Link Chain Necklace

10.300,00 kr

Gold Babylock on a Silver Heavy Curb Chain Necklace

10.600,00 kr

Silver 3-loop Square Link Chain with Silver Heartlock and Silver Babylock

5.650,00 kr

Gold Twisted Lock on Silver Rolo Chain Necklace

29.800,00 kr

Gold Babylock on an Akoya Pearl Strand

80.900,00 kr

Gold Chubby Medium Lock on a Gold Handmade Biker Chain Necklace

92.100,00 kr

Completed Bracelets


Silver Heartlock on a Silver Rolo Chain Bracelet

5.150,00 kr

Silver Regular Lock on a Silver Hard Hook Bracelet

8.300,00 kr

Silver Babylock on Silver Not So Heavy Curb Bracelet

3.950,00 kr

Gold Chubby Babylock on Gold Handmade Biker Chain Bracelet

42.400,00 kr

DiMe Bracelet in Silver

19.900,00 kr

Zephyr Bracelet in Silver and Gold

78.200,00 kr

Zephyr Bracelet in Gold

238.600,00 kr

DiMe Bracelet in Mixed 14k Gold

From 145.800,00 kr

Completed Earrings

Pave Diamond Pierceless Earring

19.900,00 kr

Pearl Drop Lozenge Earrings

43.800,00 kr

Fordite Mini Disc Earrings

30.200,00 kr

Greenland Ruby & Turquoise Drop Earrings

62.300,00 kr

Guava Quartz Mini Disc Earrings on Dome Earring Base

70.600,00 kr

Black Jade Mini Disc Earrings

30.200,00 kr

Shop the look


Rolo Chain in Silver Bracelet

2.500,00 kr

Heavy Curb Chain in Silver Bracelet

From 3.250,00 kr

Babylock in Silver

1.500,00 kr

Boltlock in Silver

2.200,00 kr

Regular Lock in Silver

From 4.000,00 kr


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