VP of Operations and Production

Marla Aaron Jewelry is seeking a highly engaged experienced Vice President of Operations to join our growing company based in NYC and to lead our capable production and fulfillment teams.  

The primary responsibility of the Vice President of Operations will be to oversee all aspects of the product life-cycle, from ideation to order fulfillment, ensuring every Marla Aaron piece meets brands standards and delivers joy to our customers. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Team Management: Supervise 6 associates and delegate responsibilities
  • Accomplish department objectives by planning, and evaluating activities and projects
  • Optimize current processes and systems
  • Keep a finger on the pulse of the market, deliver costing and pricing insights
  • Evaluate and improve merchandising plans and ideal stock levels to support the growing demand for our products in stores, in our showroom and on our website.


  • Manages the ideation and product development processes collaborating with CEO, internal and external resources to ensure quality and cost considerations are built into product development;
  • Understands jewelry engineering and functionality, collaborates with technical experts to ensure manufacturing feasibility for new styles;
  • Optimizes the product development cycle, ensuring quality, functionality and pricing strategies for success;
  • Evaluate, onboard and develop ethical and traceable suppliers and resources;
  • Leads the quality assurance team, develop and implement Marla Aaron Quality Standards across all manufacturing relationships;
  • Works closely with manufacturing partners (remotely and on-site) to continuously improve manufacturing capabilities, costs, development capabilities, and sustainable practices.
  • Understand and supervises the inventory and product control systems and processes;
  • Guide the inventory manager to optimize stock levels and merchandising strategy of retail locations;
  • Oversees budget management including product development, sourcing travel, and day to day operations of the department and central vault location;
  • Constantly accesses best selling styles, selling trends, forecast initial stock levels for future launches
  • Access and improve SKU taxonomy;
  • Works with the inventory manager to maintain ideal stock levels of fast moving SKUs to optimize order fulfillment and ensure customer satisfaction;
  • Creates a smooth and collaborative workflow between production and fulfillment teams, ensuring our orders are fulfilled correctly and in the most efficient way;
  • Foster a culture of collaboration, accountability and continuous improvement across departments, understanding systems and workflow processes, efficiently managing the journey of a Marla Aaron product from production to sale and to the fulfillment of an excellent customer experience.
  • Interprets, trains, and consistently enforces company policies and procedures.

Experience Level:  Vice President, Senior Management
Salary: $130,000-$150,000/year


  • Have great communications skills by phone, by email, by text, by social media, and especially in person. 
  • Are a confident speaker with ability to conduct meetings and inspire teams
  • Have strong managerial skills with ability to coach, mentor, develop, and train distinct teams that fall within your supervision
  • Demonstrates past experience leading multiple projects, specifically in on-demand (just in time systems) and volume production
  • Exceptional time management skills with ability to multitask
  • Are detail oriented, self-starter
  • Have knowledge of complex and intricate jewelry construction
  • Have relationships with suppliers and vendors to source from, both domestically and internationally
  • Have experience estimating and negotiating budgets and timescales with factories to remain competitive with comparable brands
  • Are comfortable selecting, ordering, and purchasing materials
  • Are proficient in Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and various ERP systems, and have a desire and ability to learn the technology necessary to improve workflow, whatever that may be. 
  • Love organization in a Marie Kondo sort of way. 
  • Love jewelry and fashion but you love the human race even more. 
  • Are willing to take on tasks that may fall outside of your job description 

About us:

We are a rebellious little company and we make jewelry and other objects in New York City. They are beautiful and people seem to love them. What began with one lock is now an entire collection designed to be worn in infinite ways and used as “jewel tools” with individuals’ own collections—to redefine the “precious” in jewelry with individuality. The collection is sold online and in select independent stores in the US and around the world and even in a vending machine or two.

We are an equal opportunity employer for whom diversity and inclusion are a passion and a commitment.

We provide health insurance as well as dental and vision plans. 

401K matching program.

Access to personal and professional development coaching and support.

Other benefits such as transit vouchers, discounts at certain gyms and retailers.

“Errand Day” (you’ll learn about that if you come in for an interview)

Our offices are decidedly “unoffice like” and fill a full floor on 47th street in the heart of New York’s Diamond District. Our fridge is also filled with great food. 

Please send all resumes and cover letters to jobs@marlaaaron.com


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